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About Tembreak

Tembreak Systems was established five years ago and it specializes in glass processing and glass safety products in the form of double glazed, tempered and laminated glass.

All glass sheets can be laminated or tempered according to Client's specifications and for all projects whether;

Curtain Wall

Curtain walls cover the non-structural outside walls of a building, providing the premises with natural light, keeping the weather out and the occupants in.
Spider System

Please come back shortly for the product description.
Frameless Doors

Tembreak fabricates different designs and sizes of frameless doors with modern and outstanding designs, from shower frameless doors to sliding doors partitions.
Glass Balustrades

Give to your staircase, balcony or deck a modern appearance! Glass balustrades provide security and safety while maximizing the perception of the space.
Bended or Curved Glass

We can cut and bend glass giving the shape and size you request, helping to elaborate many different glass products: stairs, sinks, showers, decorative walls and many others.
Bullet Proof Glass

Bullet Proof Glass provides the maximum bullet and blast resistance and is used in any place where ballistic and attack resistant security is required.


Accessories are fully covered for all of our products.



Tel: 0243 716 687

Email: info@alutradegh.com

Skype ID: alutradeghana

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Metalum House

South Industrial Area, P.O.Box 389

Accra, Ghana

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