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Schüco is a worldwide leader of energy efficient buildings. Driven by its knowledge in solar and facade technology, Schüco has the desire to take responsibility for the blue planet.

Alutrade ... "Welcoming Schüco to Ghana"
Alutrade became a Schüco partner in 2011 and since then has been the official distributor and developer of Schüco projects in Ghana.

Since the beginning Alutrade has been searching for the best products in the market and becoming partner with the worldwide leading company for energy-efficient building materials. It has been a well noted achievement, raising our standards and giving Ghanaians the opportunity to choose the best for their small and big scale construction projects.

Now ALL Schüco products are available in Ghana.
Please visit our showrooms in South Industrial Area or Contact Us.

Here we present a short overview of the product span. For full details, please:

Window Systems

Windows characterize the appearance and form of projects perhaps more than other components. Here, the name Schüco stands for sophisti- cated and proven system technology.
Door Systems

Doors are a prominent feature in the building envelope and give each one its own individual character. Here, the name of Schüco stands for variety and flexibility in materials, design and application.

Folding/Sliding Systems

Schüco's systems are impressive in their versatility. As transpa- rent transitions or discreet room dividers, they add emphasis in indoor areas or create generous gateways to the outside.
Balconies and Balustrades

Schüco balconies create more living comfort and an additional space in the open. You will be impressed by the wide range of designs and, above all, optimum system compatibility.
Solar Shading Systems

Active solar shading and anti-glare protection can make an important contribution to energy saving in modern buildings, whilst simultaneously improving ocupant's well-being.

Even with additional security, there's no need to forego aesthetic appeal. Schüco offers security that lies concealed and prevents threatening situations and damage to property.
Building Automation

Schüco offers a variety of intercompatible technologies and systems to fulfill high demands placed on a building facade in terms of energy, security, automation and design.

Schüco make it possible to live in harmony with nature - irrespective of weather conditions. Schüco's conservatory constru- ctions are available in aluminium and steel.
Surface Treatment

The surface finish has evolved from its original purpose of protecting mill-finish aluminium surfaces to become a distinctive design feature, combining aesthetic appeal with the requisite protection.


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